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In this activating healing four-hour Rebecca Campbell event you’ll be guided to directly experience your soul, to discover how you can call even more of who you are at your core into the here and now. To plant yourself here, wholly and completely. And to weave the soul back into your everyday life. Throughout the online event, Rebecca will hold the space to support you in clearly hearing what your soul is calling you toward and how you can truly integrate this into each and every day. 

In this activating 4-hour Rebecca Campbell event, you will:

  • Learn Rebecca’s process for The Three Steps to Living a Soul-led Life
  • Clearly hear your intuition, discover your heart’s deepest prayer, what your soul is calling you to do and how you can integrate this into your life today
  • Be guided through a powerful 19-page Soul Inquiry Workbook Process that you can do again and again
  • Connect with the intelligent pulse of nature and learn how you can align your life to it
  • Take part in a powerful group water ritual for personal and planetary healing
  • Experience various spiritual practices such as meditation, devotional chanting and intuitive writing
  • Receive healing from the Ancient Grandmothers of the Earth and the Great Mother through a powerful soul journey
  • Connect with the whispers of your ancestors
  • Call your ancient soul all the way into your body from your fingers to your toes 
  • Be led to connect with your many soul gifts and receive a plan to express these in your life 



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Original price was: £69.00.Current price is: £49.00.

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Rebecca Campbell

Bestselling author, mystic and creative

Rebecca Campbell is an international bestselling writer, poet, healer, ritualist, spiritual teacher, visionary and mystic who has been featured in Vogue, The Sunday Times,, Psychologies Magazine.

Her books, oracles, courses and workshops have been translated into over 20 languages and she has supported hundreds of thousands of people to change their lives and answer the calls of their soul.

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