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Embark on a mystical journey with the ancient teachings of Mother Rose.

A secret symbol of Goddesses of old, the rose has captivated mystics, artists, healers, and poets through the ages. She is much more ancient than we and has potent medicine for these times.

In this activating four-hour virtual event with best-selling author and world-renowned spiritual teacher Rebecca Campbell, you’ll learn about the ancient symbolism of the rose and attune to the healing energy of this mystical flower. Through experiential practices, you’ll be held in a sacred container to receive healing, wisdom, and deep inner guidance to support you on your path.

Rebecca has been consciously connecting with the rose since 2010 and this work has been unfolding ever since. Throughout the workshop, Rebecca will guide you through her mystical Rose Work practices so that you can attune to this sacred flower and deepen your connection to the intelligence of Life, the great mystery itself, and your soul’s ever-unfolding plan.

This is a workshop for mystics to use the Rose as a guide to unlock sacred wisdom, expand their consciousness, and embody their soul even more.

As part of this illuminating, heart-opening workshop, you will:

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Campbell is a writer, mystic, ritualist, poet, and mother. Her creations are dedicated to weaving the sacred back into everyday life. A channel, Rebecca has been consciously working with the rose and other plants since 2010.  Born in Australia, Rebecca now lives in Glastonbury, UK. Fascinated by the great mysteries, Rebecca answered an inner call to the sacred sites of her ancestry at 18 and has had several initiatory awakening experiences since. Prior to sharing her visions through her oracles and books, Rebecca was an award-winning creative director.

May the healing mysteries of the Rose help you remember the future rose gardens seeded within you.

All are welcome. Bursary tickets are available for those who do not have the means here.

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