Your Inner Temple London Workshop


17TH APRIL 2021

About This Event

Poet saints through the ages have been singing about the mystical place that resides within us, where our soul’s whispers and intuitive senses can be felt, heard and known. A resting place. A place where we can feel at home – I refer to this place as our Inner Temple.

In this special full-day workshop of teachings, soul journeys, inquiry and sacred chant, you’ll step into and experience the Inner Temple of your own soul. You’ll hear the voice of your intuition, activate the oracle within you, get clear guidance on what is rising in you, and leave replenished, content and truly at home.

We’re all intuitive and our soul is always calling us every moment of every day. The more time we spend listening to its whispers, the clearer it gets and the stronger our intuitive senses become. In this inspiring, activating and rejuvenating day, you’ll step into the sacred space of the soul and learn how to deepen your connection with your own soul, tap into your intuitive abilities and receive clear guidance on your soul plan.

You’ll be guided to:

  • Connect with your Inner Temple
  • Unlock your true intuitive nature and discover your primary and secondary intuitive senses
  • Receive information from your spirit guides and guardians
  • Invoke the Goddess through her many names and activate the same powerful qualities within yourself
  • Connect with your intuition through powerful soul journeys and meditations
  • Receive deep cellular healing
  • Hear the voice of your soul and the next steps you are being called to take
  • Hold space for another person
  • Get unstuck as you connect and surrender to the Shakti of life
  • Use the group energy to release, surrender, heal, call in and raise your vibration

And you’ll discover that you have the potential to:

  • Receive clear guidance on your soul plan
  • Activate the inner oracle that resides within you
  • Activate the healing vibrational power of your voice
  • Clear your auric field through sacred devotional chanting
  • Transmute your fears into courage and strength
  • Express your soul’s true voice and harmonise the planet through sharing it
  • Align your life to your soul’s highest, most potent calling
  • Ease anxiety through soulful exercises and powerful spiritual tools

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