Gift Three-month access to Rebecca’s Membership


The Sanctuary with Rebecca Campbell is the perfect soulful gift for someone who is interested in spirituality, looking to deepen their connection with their intuition, commit to their sacred practice and live a soul-led life. It's currently the only way to work with Rebecca.

What's included:


  • Meditations, chants + channeled Soul Journeys: Daily practice will be covered with the meditation library featuring 50+ meditations of varying lengths.
  • Classes with Rebecca: Over 100+ classes on a diverse range of spiritual topics.
  • Beautiful Rituals: Weave the sacred into everyday life with moving rituals rooted in nature.
  • Workbooks + Soul Inquiries: Turn whispers into grounded action with Rebecca’s powerful processes.
  • Monthly Sacred Circles: Step into sacred space and a healing container each month.
  • Access to the Community: Connect with like-minded people dedicated to living a soul-led life.
  • Free Oracle Reading: Receive a personalised oracle reading sent to you in the post when you join!

This is a one-off payment not a subscription, there will be no ongoing charges. When you purchase the Gift 3 months access to Rebecca's Membership, you will instantly receive a beautiful digital gift card which you can choose to print or email to your loved one. Your loved one then simply enters the gift code and follows the prompts to get set up in the membership!

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