Personalised Oracle Reading from Rebecca

From: £24.99 / month

Receive a special personalised two-card oracle reading from Rebecca delivered to you through the mail.

I do a limited number of hand-pulled two-card oracle readings each month. These are then sent to you physically in the post with a lot of love from Glastonbury, the heart chakra of the world. The cards are sent in a beautiful rose holder so you can place them on your altar for ongoing activations.

The oracle card reading will act as a gateway to hear the whispers of your soul and pinpoint what grounded action you may be called to take to integrate this in your everyday life.

The readings are available as one-off orders for you or a friend directly through the mail. They are also available as a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time.  The 12-month subscription gives you a saving of 50%, 6 months saves you 20% & 3 months saves you 10%.

When you order your reading, hold the question that you are living into in your heart.



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