What you will need for this module

What you will need for this module

Rebecca Campbell
What you will need for this module Audio
Rebecca CampbellWhat you will need for this module Audio

What you’ll need for this module

  • Module 6 Workbook: Download the Module 6 Workbook now here if you haven’t already. Then decide how you prefer to journey with your workbook, digitally or physically. You are welcome to have the Module Workbooks printed each month as they’re released or fill them in online.
  • Candle(s) for The Ancient Stones Evocation: The Mystery Modules all contain an Evocation, so you may wish to have a candle and some matches available to light for that and perhaps even use this special candle for all your altar work throughout the training.
  • Altar Items: Stones-themed altar items such as pebbles, crystals, shells, clay etc and specifically a Stone altar item for your Inner Temple Mystery School altar.
  • Other Items for Sacred Practice: Essential oil or water for anointing, stone or crystal for Scrying practice (ideally one with a reflective surface or partially transparent), tea light candle, pendulum (you can source one or create one from looping a string onto a small stone or crystal), four small crystals or stones for grid work, Oracle cards.
  • Completion Ceremony: Candle, oils/water.
  • Find a labyrinth near you: The worldwide labyrinth locator shared by Veriditas and The Labyrinth Society may help (if there are no Labyrinths near you, you could attempt to create one, or use the finger labyrinths provided).
  • Notebook and pen and pencil for Soul Inquiries: If you’ve already chosen a special notebook or journal to dedicated to The Inner Temple Mystery School Training.
  • Technical Support: if you run into any technical issues, please contact my team at hello@rebeccacampbell.me with The Inner Temple Mystery School in the email subject line and my team will support you however they can.
  • The Ancient Stones Mystery Playlist: Each module contains a playlist of music hosted on the streaming platform, Spotify. You can sign up for a Spotify account for free here. And you can access the playlist for this module The Ancient Stones Mystery here.

Listen to The Ancient Stones Mystery Playlist

Music is a gateway to the soul. Immerse yourself in the energy and intention of this module with this specially curated The Ancient Stones Mystery Playlist. You can find it here on Spotify.