Chanting with Sacred Soul + Unbound Chant

Chanting with Sacred Soul

Rebecca Campbell
Chanting with Sacred Soul Audio
Rebecca CampbellChanting with Sacred Soul Audio

Unbound Chant

Rebecca Campbell
Unbound Chant
Rebecca CampbellUnbound Chant

About The Unbound Chant

  • The chant we are doing for the Soul Mystery is called: Unbound, Unbound, Forever Unbound. The words are simply: “Unbound, unbound, forever unbound. Unbound, unbound, unbound.” You may wish to listen and receive the chant first, and then join in when you’re ready. This chant is a practice of singing ourselves home, of singing our Soul free.
  • As we chant ‘unbound, unbound, forever unbound’ we are freeing and unbinding ourselves from anything that is not who we truly are. Whether releasing ourselves from difficult experiences, ancestral patterns, past life patterns, inner critic scripts or simply any way we have dimmed our light, the Unbound Chant is a real call to action and deep practice of returning to who you truly are. I have been fascinated by the word ‘unbound’ for some time as the Hebrew meaning of the name ‘Rebecca’ is ‘to bind’. I also feel very connected to the ancient concept of ‘The Weavers’. That is, those of us who are here to, as the elders have always said, dream a new world into being.
  • You may have chanted this chant with me before in a workshop or sacred circle. This new recording holds a unique energy. As you chant along with it, I invite you to feel into the presence that gathers around you and imagine that every time you chant it, you sing yourself free. I also find that I feel my ancestors chanting alongside me as if we are singing with those who came before us, and also for those who are yet to come.


Credits: unbound Written by Rebecca Campbell.
Produced by Peter Cattermoul, Pjkat Productions.
Recorded November 2022